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Use as you will...your tether got me there...I am ever grateful...

Barbara - August, 2013

I wanted to let you know how much I love your swim tether! 
I am an amputee, so swimming is the only aerobic exercise I can do, but turning in a 30' pool was making me nauseous.  Now, I swim for 45 minutes in my own little corner of the condo pool, and I LOVE it! 
I have recommended it to all my swimming friends.  Thanks so much!

Louise in Florida - September 17th, 2012

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I received my Aquacise yesterday and I am vey happy with this purchase. Its a great equipment!
Thank you very much,
Sergio in New York - 21 October 2010


Dear Bob,
I tried the competitor model last week and thought it was wonderful! 

The only "pool" to which I had access was about 12x20 feet (basically just a huge bathtub, in my opinion), so swimming laps would have meant doing flip turns every 5 seconds. 

Your product really helped me! 



March, 2004 

Hi Bob!

My tether arrived today! 

So, naturally, I had to try it out. I spent 15 minutes with it - wonderful! Breaststroke feels a bit weird since I'm pulled backward during the stroke, but I think it'll be good for building arm strength. Free and backstroke feel basically normal, and my fly is just the same as always. Too bad. :)

I am very happy with the tether!


"Hi... I received my Competitor Aquacise on Thursday and have used it for 2 days.  THANK YOU. 

This has saved me many $.  Instead of joining the Y or going to the local pool to swim laps I can now do this in my small patio pool. I have had 2 knee replacements and have to daily exercise. 

I know that it takes me 45 minutes to swim one mile (I am 68 years old so don't laugh) so for 45 minutes I can enjoy my own backyard with my Chesapeake Retriever at my side. 

Again my thanks.  A fantastic product that is affordable and surely lives up to my expectations.

(you may use this in any advertisement or recommendations for this excellent Tether)

June, 2004

I want to thank you very much for processing my order so quickly.  The order was placed June 1st and received today June 4.

I immediately tried my Aquacise Swim Tether and I truly enjoyed it.

Thank you again and I believe that a few of my neighbors will be placing an order.


June, 2004

just a note to say my 'siser arrived safely - eventually  - have tried it out and love it. Am sure it will add years to my life!

June, 2004

Dear Bob,
I received my aquacise competitor tether yesterday and of course could not wait to try it out.

I am so pleased with it.  I used to swim about 5 miles everyday, but went thru the marriage, kids, work for the rest of your life stage.  My husband and I are now at the point of trying to retire.

I really wanted to start swimming again, but our pool was to small to try and swim laps, so when I found your product on line I was delighted.

It was everthing and more.  Now all I have to do is build up endurance!!!!!

Thank you so very much.


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