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Aquacise! Affiliate Program

Our Aquacise! Affiliate Program is very simple and essentially effortless on your part.

This is the plan:

First, we put a coded link on your Internet Website page(s) Social Networking sites, e-mail, Blogs, etc. The link can be in any form that pleases your taste, from a simple text link, such as "Aquacise Coiled Swim Tethers" to our logo graphic in a convenient size to suit your preferences, such as this 100 X 83 pixel graphic:  Aquacise Swimmer Animation This is easy and quick. We can help.

Your link is unique. We know you. When a visitor clicks on the link, he is brought to our Aquacise Landing Page. We remember the click from your page for 30 days. If a purchase is made during that 30 days, we automatically credit your account with $5.00! If no purchase is made, the link expires and that is the end of that particular click.

That's it. Very simple and very easy on your part. Of course, you can expand upon the basics and promote the link in as many ways as you have time and imagination. Each link is like a nice bait on your fishing line. It is always waiting to attract a new enquiry.

Please call 805-758-4446 or e-mail if you have any questions or would like our help to set up your Affiliate Account.

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